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Stili M3 XXT diritti

Stilo a morsetto M3 XXT, DK3 L40, ThermoFit

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Spherical styli have the largest field of application because they have the same probing behavior in every direction. They are therefore suitable for all common measuring tasks such as measuring bores and surfaces. The larger the stylus sphere size, the larger the mechanical filter. This means that the profile of your workpiece is smoothened, which is often required in form measurement. The deviation from the ideal sphere shape is usually shown in Grade. ZEISS styli spheres have Grade 5 as standard, but can also be offered in a higher Grade 3 for special requirements. Styli with a straight shaft are the most simple designed styli. The full shaft length can be used as measuring length.Product information:Silicon nitride styli are just as universally applicable as ruby styli. However, they show less material deposits when scanning aluminum or other soft materials. ZEISS ThermoFit stems made of carbon fiber represent an optimum combination of stiffness, weight and thermal expansion. This makes them suitable for particularly demanding measuring tasks.

tipo di prodotto
Ø Sfera (DK)
3,0 mm
Lunghezza (L)
40,0 mm
Ø Stelo (DS)
2,0 mm
Ø Attacco (DG)
5,0 mm
Lunghezza (ML)
31,0 mm
Forma dello stilo
Tipologia punta
Materiale punta
Nitruro di silicio
Materiale stelo
0,8 g

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